Check-in process

Check-in process

Usually checking in procedure requires visiting the property again.

You will have to:

  1. Walk through the property with the inventory, checking if any items has been missed,
  2. Show the tenants how to use any appliances,
  3. Get signatures on all the documents,
  4. Take the deposit,
  5. Hand the keys to the tenants.


You should have the tenancy agreement and the tenant advice sheet with you.


Tenancy agreement

The tenancy agreement must be signed by all the tenants and the owner of the property. You should have two copies of this document – one is given to the landlord and the other is for tenants.

Once the agreement has been signed by both parties, you make it legally binding by adding the date to both copies at the top of the first page.


Tenant advice sheet

This document provides tenants with some additional information about the tenancy, including:

  • Utility suppliers and account numbers
  • Alarm codes
  • Landlord or agent contact information.


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