How to change career?

How to change career?

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Changing career may seem as a very difficult process, but we will show you how easy it can be in three simple steps!

Have you reached a point in your life when you feel frustrated and unfulfilled? Don’t worry, the only thing you need is a new challenge.

Step 1: Decide!

First, think about your achievements. Have you enjoyed your work and achieved a salary that lets you live the way you want? Have you had an opportunity to use your skills and show your talents? If not, it is time to make a decision. Unfortunately, most people make wishes, not decisions.

So what does it mean to make a decision? The root of the word “decide” was the Latin word “decider”, which  means “to cut off”.  You are literally cutting off other possibilities, such as staying in your current – unfulfilling – job forever.


Step 2: Choose your new career!

Once you are confident about your plan to change your career path, you have to consider all the possibilities. And there are literally thousands of career path, some of them you have probably never even heard about!

You have to think about those four factors:

  1. Your interests and hobbies – there is an old proverb: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.
  2. Your skills – write down everything you are good at and then check if any of these skills can relate to your interests.
  3. Your personality – if you are an introvert, you will always be unhappy working as a customer service. Finding your personality type is essential in choosing the right career.


Step 3: Learn, train, achieve!

The last step is all about getting prepared to your new exciting job. You can either enrol in a new degree program or learn on your own. We in The KEEY Business School believe, that the only path to success is being a lifelong learner – which means you can make the most of you if you learn consistently on your own.


So… why don’t you make your first step to the new career and take one of our courses?

Good luck!



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